The Movie Theater's public washroom. The initial door to the washroom is one of two places in the movie theater hub world where you can peek. There is nothing in the initial public washroom other than the women's washroom to the left and the men's washroom to the right.

Women's Washroom Edit

Womans washroom

The woman's washroom starts off with a Red Toolbox lying on the ground and a Shotgun Shell stuck in a cob web in the upper left corner. In the toolbox there's a Plunger and a Crowbar. The crowbar can smash things including the washroom mirrors and sinks. Also very noticeable is that the farthest toilet is very clogged. Use the Plunger to unclog the toilet by swinging at it a few times. Sit on the toilet for a moment to shake the shotgun shell out of the web.

Men's Washroom Edit

Mens washroom

Nothing can be found in the men's washroom other than hiding stalls and more smashable sinks. The urinals can also be smashed.