the Masked killer appears in lakeview cabin collection lakeview cabin v he is wearing a Happy Dad Mask seen in an empty mask package. the 4 playable characters must summon 3 demons to get rid of him

Appearance: the masked killer appears with a red mustache and no hair but if you knock the mask off him by summoning the first demon he appears to have no mustache and redish orange hair i believe he is the son of red

the masked killer uses a kitchen knife as his weapon once the 3 demons are summoned the masked killer will turn into a child near the graveyard and his weapon will be next to him

ending A you get a box from limbo give it to a child in limbo and quit go to lakeview cabin III the same box is in a cabin beat the game and instead of killing E trap her in the box and go back to lakeview cabin V and give the box to the masked killer and his mom E will come out of it and then they disappear

ending B take the knife and stab the child masked killer

ending C get the toys take them to the masked killer and kill him with knife