Sewer killer 2
Killer swwewer
The killer holding still
Rat monster

Rat monster taking a direct path.

The Sewer Killer can be found at the end of the sewers along with all the skinned bodies that can only be his victims. He walks slowly, dragging a large machete behind him wearing the Sewer Mask.

How to Kill the Sewer Killer Edit

After opening the sewer grate you'll need to set up a few things. In the woman's bathroom in the red toolbox there will also be a plunger. Use the plunger to unclog the clogged toilet and then sit on the toilet to knock the shotgun shell out of the spider web. Combine the gun and shell by dropping one onto the other and stand near the sewers. Keep in mind that standing too close to a wall will have you trip and fall over try to stay close but not too close. Switch to another character and grab an object like the box or red toolbox, and move this character over to the sewers with the first character. Take the remaining characters and put them in the bathroom stalls for unkillable safety. Take the person with the box and make your brave descend. Once you trigger the Sewer Killer he'll come at you slowly. Wait until the killer is closer to the left side of the screen and throw the box at his face to knock off the mask. The Sewer Mask will probably be destroyed later as it's difficult to get your hands on. Place the now boxless character behind the shotgun holding character so they don't get in harms way. Switch to the shotgun holding character and shoot the killer. The killer will go down in a big cloud of blue smoke. You can't walk past the killer while he's down. Set both characters to the left side of the ladder but not to close to the wall as they might fall over. If they do you can hold down the character select button to slow time to make sure you get the right character and walk them back behind the ladder. The killer will transform into a white rat like creature and will eventually run up the ladder, leaving the two characters behind the ladder alone. Take the character with the shotgun and run to the right side of the sewers to find a shot gun shell on the ground. Load your gun up, run up the ladder, and shoot the rat creature.