The Movie Theater, or Hub World, of Lakeview Cabin Collection is the first area the player will be introduced to at the start of the game. From this area, the player can select one of the four Lakeview Cabin Movies to interact with: Lakeview Cabin III, Lakeview Cabin IV Curse of the Lake, Lakeview Cabin V Homecoming, and Lakeview Cabin VI Cabin 6. (After completing the game and receiving "Ending A" in chapter 5, a new, story based episode will unlock titled Lakeview Cabin, aka Lakeview Cabin II)

In this area, similar to the Movies, the player is in control of four characters: a Highschool Student, a Homeless Man, and a pair of (Twin?) Theater Clerks. Here there also lurkes a Monster inside the Sewers.

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