Lakeview Cabin VI (also known as CABIN 6) is the 6th episode in the Lakeview Cabin series and the 4th episode in the game.

Lakeview Cabin VI takes place on a spaceship overlooking a destroyed planet Earth. It draws large amounts of inspiration from the movies Alien and The Thing.

The player controls 4 characters which resemble people from Alien. The game starts out in a "studio" with a cabin, the player can explore all around the station but at one point an alarm goes out and monsters start appearing through the station. The player can evacuate, which will lead to a short film with the evacuated characters at the Intergalactic Refugee Center, only to be killed by the monsters, which means it's a bad ending.

Monsters Edit

The Monsters are a the baby alien which is the first to appear,they run fast and go around rooms using the vents.

They attack by jumping at a character and hurting him,if wounded enough,the person will transform into an indestructible abomination that will crawl through the room they appeared in and then stop,making them a "roadblock" that kills you if you get too close.After a certain time the baby alien transforms into an adult alien which runs even faster,can destroy doors,use elevators and instead of turning people into "roadblocks" they just kill them,but after each kill another baby alien appears.

The blonde woman also makes an appearance here,it will sing and be seen as a ghost randomly,but if the baby alien in the cabin is killed,it will appear in the evacuation room and then teleport to wherever the player is and destroy anything in it's path,if killed,it will reappear as an even stronger monster,it will also trigger a timer of 180 seconds which if goes to 0 the game is over,it must be killed for the good ending but the timer will not stop.

How to stop the outbreak Edit

To stop any appearance of monsters the player must take the analysis gun use the comm computer and go to the room from which the messages come from.Then shoot anyone there,if green then the person is ok,if red it means the person is infected and must be put in the vip room at the bar.After some time the monster will come out but it will not infect any other people.

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