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Lakeview Cabin IV: Curse of the Lake begins as a all girl band's van runs out of gas near a chaotic Mansion. The violent community inside the demented halls of the Mansion will be a violent roadblock keeping the girls from leaving. Saving everyone will be harder than expected.

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Lakeview Cabin IV features a much more randomly generated game play, with the rooms and items in the mansion being randomized each run.

The goal of the game is to collect 4 gas cans, load them into your van, and escape. They are found in the following places: The pit trap in the basement, one of the attic rooms, inside the gas station, and in Piggy's room at the slaughterhouse. There is also a chance to find one in the secret gift room.

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The layout of the map of is randomized each reset so there is no one definitive way to beat Lakeview Cabin IV, though there are a few preferred layouts and conditions for the map.

The slaughter house

The mansion

The first time you play, the four playable characters will all be gathered near the van on the right hand side of the map. Subsequent plays will have the characters inside the gas station.

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The Mansion


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  • The Cowboy Hat wearing character can possibly be tied to the movie Stump the Band from 2006, as the character Nikki played by Ellen Fox.