Lakeview Cabin is a flash game by Roope Tamminen. It is the original game in the series and was released on October 22, 2013 on Gamejolt and October 28, 2013 on Newgrounds.

Synopsis Edit

From the Newgrounds game page:

What a great day! Not a care in the world. Why not mow the lawn or enjoy some beverages? Relax at the sauna? Or hunt something to eat! Enjoy a peaceful weekend at your very own lakeview cabin

Gameplay Edit

Lakeview Cabin is played from a 2D perspective. The player controls a character that can run around and interact in a cabin.

The player is able to pick up objects, throw them, and use them to attack.

The player must spend the day preparing to defeat a monster which will attack them relentlessly later on in the game, therefore winning the game

Story Edit

A man lived with his son, his daughter and his pregnant wife. Every year they camped at Lakeview like many other people, but while they were on the island his wife went into labor, and she had to give birth on the island. With no medical help, she died and the baby was a stillborn. The dad was heartbroken and commited suicide sometime later, leaving the two kids alone. The kids grew up at a foster home, but when they were old enough they inherited their parents old house. While they were in the foster home they fell in love. The son became this crazy maniac that killed people's kids and he became known as the smiling killer, the police found out who he actually was and went to his house. When they opened the door to his room they saw him having sex with his sister, the smiling killer charged the police with a knife and they shot him.

-(The wife haunts the first island in Lakeview Cabin)

-(The husband and his stillborn baby haunts the second island in Lakeview Cabin III)

-(The oldest son haunts the street in Lakeview cabin V)

Sequel Edit

Lakeview Cabin has spawned a sequel by the name of Lakeview Cabin Collection. The sequel is a series of episodic games structured similarly to the first one.

The story is somewhat continued as the main cast of the sequel revisit the lake where the man was supposedly at.

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