The kitchen is located in the cabin that's named K with two doors outside, and got a iron chicken compass above the room, if you use the zip line, it will fall and give damage. Inside the house it got a fridge, a stove, 2 light switch and the following weapons.

The kitchen is the location with most numbered melee weapons before you go to the left:

  • Saucepan
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Fly Swatter

They are all in the draw, where you press X to open and give one of these weapons.

And also got 2 ranged weapons:

  • Fire Extinguisher

And a unlisted weapon, a Skull near the coffee table.

Use the stove to create a flaming floor with a tile of fire, that can burn enemies.

And a fridge that got beer, if you drink it, you will puke on the floor, will make enemies slip and fall but will get you drunk.

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