The Masked Killer is the primary antagonist of Lakeview Cabin V. He wears a boiler suit and has red hair. He usually is seen wearing the Happy Dad Mask. He is the son of Red.

Lakeview Cabin IIIEdit

The Masked Killer shows up in Lakeview Cabin III as a child, on the Family Portrait, if you manage to get the Family Portrait Ending. In this, he is seen wearing a yellow and green striped shirt.

Lakeview Cabin VEdit

The Masked Killer is the main, and only, enemy in Lakeview Cabin V. The ultimate goal of Lakeview Cabin V is to kill him.

In game he can appear at any time in any room. He wields a Kitchen Knife, and upon taking any damage, will vanish in a puff of smoke. He cannot appear in Limbo.

After taking damage from the first of the three entities, he will drop his mask and his face will become visible.

After taking damage from the second entity, he will have a wounded face.

After taking damage from the third entity, he can be found, as a child, near The Graveyard. He will have a Knife next to him. Throwing The Box with the spirit of 'E' at him will result in Ending A. Killing him with the Kitchen Knife after bringing him the Football, the Tricycle, and the Toy Ray-Gun will result in Ending B. Killing him otherwise will result in Ending C.


  • The Masked Killer's appearance (boiler suit, white mask with black sunken eyes), is directly inspired by Michael Myers from the Halloween series. Michael Myers' signature weapon is also a Kitchen Knife, similar to what The Masked Killer uses.