Makes an appearance in lakeview cabin collection.

Appearance Edit

The killer seems to be wearing white clothing and he will wear a mask. Upon him losing his mask he actually has the same hair style as the dad. He is also known to make baby noises.

Behavior Edit

The killer will appear on the first night or when the bell is rang. He will first take out the power generator (thus getting rid of the power). He will pick up any weapon and use it against the player. The killer will break down the gate with any weapon so the gate will not be available to use. He isn't fast and the player can easily get away (he will run slower if he is damaged). If he is set on fire his speed will increase and will run into the lake.

Trivia Edit

The crows flying to the right of the map will symbolize that he is on the loose.

if he sees a teddy bear he will grab it. Luckily, it does no damage to the player whats so ever.

If the husband (second killer) saw the remains of the first killer his face will grow red and will start to cry.

Strategies Edit

Don't shoot the Baby killer, save the bullets for the second killer.

The best strategy is to swing the guitar from far away (which stuns him) and then go near him and hit him with the guitar. This takes a long time but works. Also if he's on the ground you can hit him with the ax, knife or hammer and finish him off, but you've got to be really quick.

Leave a trail of gasoline and light him on fire with the matches. Or light the fire at the right end of the map which always burns him. A really good strategy that kills him instantly is to leave the gas cannister on the trail and making sure the enemy is near it before lighting it on fire, which will cause the cannister to explode and kill him instantly.

Stun him with the fire extinguisher and then hit him with another weapon. The fire extinguisher runs out eventually so be careful.

Drop the big box on him.

Run him over with the mini bike. (It's adviseable to jump off the bike before colliding with any character as the bike explodes and kills you.)