Cabin A

The two floored Cabin A is located in between the renovated building and the Kitchen. Outside is a rocking chair you can sit on and the radio. Directly right of Cabin A is the bell that calls the killer and the .

Cabin a inside

Inside is a living room and a hallway. The only thing of note is the calendar that can be torn down until day '13' and a tribal mask that has fallen off the wall. The upstairs hallway also has a door leading outside to the balcony where you can use the zip line. Not only used for a quick get away but also the zip line can knock the weather vane off the roof of the kitchen to deal a high amount of damage to the killers or playable characters.

In the first floor backroom is a room full of bunk-beds which you can hide under. On the floor there will be a small green note, which only ever needs to be picked up once, and a wooden box. Also if you've beaten Lakeview Cabin V, the Black Box will be located here too.

Cabin a inside backrooms

On the second floor backroom is an empty looking storage room. You can find the red Music Disc and the empty shotgun.